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Exchange trading training

Advantages of learning to trade on stock exchanges at the Academy of Masters

We teach for results!

The main goal of training at the Academy of Masters is to teach a person not just to trade, but to work for profit in financial markets and exchanges. Every successful student is a reward to the Master for his correct learning process. Our comprehensive training with student support and supervision will allow the student to grow to the level of an experienced trader.

Why us?


All Master Teachers of the Academy are experienced real traders and fund managers of the Masters Trade company , who trade profitably on exchanges over a long period of time.


Students of our Academy receive a large amount of knowledge. A typical trading course is about 20 lessons, each lesson lasting 1 hour, and in total the student will receive about 20 hours of training.


Low prices for training and a large amount of information that the student receives during the training process are the best option in the trading training industry in terms of price and quality ratio.

One year of support

1 year of free student support after training. Help for the student occurs on the Forum and in the Community, where a topic is created and support is provided based on the student’s materials.


All our students will have full access to the resources of our Academy in the closed sections of the Academy website , Forum and Community for independent training in trading.


The Masters Trade company selects its best students who have demonstrated successful trading on real accounts to its team of Masters. Investor capital is provided for trading and a personal fund is created.


The Academy of Masters of Trading guarantees that after completing the training course, our student trader will earn money on exchanges and financial markets, subject to the rules of the teacher.


The Masters will teach students really working individual trading strategies, which the Masters have gained with experience in making transactions in the process of long-term trading in the markets.


Convenient online distance learning using popular Internet communications. Students and teachers choose a convenient schedule for studying and coordinate it with each other.


Trader training is carried out by our specialists on a high-quality exchange trading terminal with direct access to exchange products, contracts and instruments.

Payment in installments

A student can pay for tuition in several installments, rather than all at once, in 2-3 payments. Mandatory conditions for studying at the Academy and access to new lessons is payment in advance.


Using the resources of the Masters Trade company, students receive a full cycle of trader training, regardless of the student’s current level and knowledge, with control and support at all stages.